Date Sunday June 12th, at 12:00 noon
Venue Rathfarnham Castle

Rosalind Ventris, viola

Admission €12.50

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Lillian Fuchs – Sonata Pastorale
Sally Beamish – Pennillion
Elizabeth Maconchy – Five Sketches
Amanda Feery – Boreal
Imogen Holst – Suite for Unaccompanied Viola
Grażyna Bacewicz – Polish Caprice

One of the leading viola players of her generation, Rosalind Ventris’ programme of works by leading women composers from home and abroad takes its inspiration from nature, dance and all things pastoral. A lunchtime invitation to make merry and dance!

Dedicated to violist Elizabeth Csibi, former Head of Strings at the Royal Irish Academy of Music and Festival Friend.

Presented in partnership with the Office of Public Works and in association with Rathfarnham Castle

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